01 – About Russ

russ     Russ Swan is an Australian born and educated in a State Primary School in outback Longreach, central Queensland. He also completed Year 10 High School at Toowoomba in Queensland before returning back to Longreach.

     Russ worked initially with his father in sheep-shearing sheds as a roustabout, and then later worked as a depositions clerk a law-courts office. The travel bug had already bitten him and he toured north-western Queensland, again in the shearing sheds. He was eventually called up for National Service and served in the Vietnam War, then continued in an Army career for 20 years.

     Following discharge from military service in Darwin, Northern Territory, he drove taxi-cabs for a while before joining the Northern Territory Police, where he worked for 6 years in the communications centre at Berrimah Police HQ as a Police Auxiliary, then transferred to the Traffic Unit at Nightcliff Police Station.  He served there for another 13 years.

     Russ became a cruising sailor whilst driving taxi’s.  Another driver asked him to help crew a yacht he’d bought in Fremantle, Western Australia, back to Darwin.  The sailing bug took hold during that trip and he subsequently bought his own cruising yacht. He’s completed several voyages in Australian and Indonesian waters, most with crew but occasionally sailing solo.

He’s also a freelance travel-writer, photographer and author having self-published magazine articles and two books, “Lowana Comes to Darwin” and “A Tanimbar Experience”.  Russ intends publishing these books and photo-journals of his other sailing expeditions, as well as other travels to the 7 continents in a series of blogs on this site.  It’s hoped the reader will follow and enjoy them. Comments are welcome.

Russ has now retired having owned two boats but both are gone to other owners. He continues to live in Darwin but the travel bug still bites occasionally. When the bug gets most insistent he and his wife Delma, who also tends to get itchy feet, head off somewhere new.


7 thoughts on “01 – About Russ


    • Thanks Pauline and Ken. All is fine this end and wondering where our next trip will be. I’d like to do a cruise across the Pacific (in a BIG ship this time) while Delma, well she hasn’t decided. Stay healthy and keep on enjoying life.

    • Thank you kindly Denis. High praise indeed from a man who runs the highly successful 104 Sig Sqn website….

  2. Hi Russ this is interesting I grew up in Darwin and joined the army there in 1962 after spending 2 years in the CMF 407 Sig Sqn. I ended up one of the originals in 103 Sig Sqn and went to Vietnam in 1966. Much Later I moved to Yeppoon in Qld bought a yacht and went cruising for nearly 9 years. I am now living in an over 50s village in Caloundra and taking it easy. Maybe catch up one day
    Les Nicholas

    • Good to hear from you Les. Don’t often get back to Queensland and would very much like to catch up sometime.

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