Nui Dat Scenes

Below are some scenes taken around the Nui Dat army base:

svn19Right: Bell OH-58A Kiowa helicopters used by the Australian Army for a variety of tasks including observation, liaison, recon and target marking to name a few.
svn20Left: Bell UH-1 (Huey) Iriquois helicopters on Kanga Pad. These were the workhorse of the Australian Army for tactical movement of troops and supplies.
svn22Right: A casevac – casualty evacuation Huey sitting outside the Field Ambulance Medical Facility next to Kanga Pad. The average time between getting wounded and getting medical attention was one hour. Huey’s could carry 6 patients.
svn23 Left: The main function of the Nui Dat medical centre was to provide emergency medical treatment before further evacuation to the Field Hospital located at Vung Tau.
svn25Right: The “Dust Bowl” at Nui Dat where concerts for the troops were occasionally held by visiting entertainers. A concert was being held when the Battle of Long Tan started.  The noise of the battle could be heard from here.
svn28Left: The Luscombe Swimming Pool.
svn30Right: Cannot remember now but this may have been our Radio Tp HQ of 104 Sig Sqn.svn34.Above: Yep…. even a volley ball court.
svn31svn32Left & Right: Several ancestor or family monuments throughout the area. The families lost their ancestral land and these were destroyed after the communists took over.
svn36svn38Left: Some of the 104 Sig Sqn antennas on top of Nui Dat Hill.Right: Pensive moment looking out over the countryside. Very pretty. But several hundred diggers have been killed out there.
svn37Left: Heading up to the top of Nui Dat Hill.
svn39Right: Kanga Pad.  On the other side of the pad to the left is the Field Ambulance medical centre. In the trees to the right are the 104 Sig Sqn lines. I understand the mountains at the back are the Long Hai’s, scene of several military operations and Aussie deaths over the years.

Common morse code procedure used by RASigs:
BT ii B ii K – Message break, More to Follow, OVER


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